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Start Meal Planning


Why should you do this?

You won’t regret this. So sit down, get a cup of tea, a pencil and paper. What you are about to do next is going to save your family heaps of money and time. Invest all that you save from this, towards a holiday over a long weekend.

Meal planning is no biggie. All you need to do is write down meals you think are healthy and affordable for your family. Let’s do one week at a time.

You don’t have to spend heaps to eat fancy. I’m proud to say that we eat pretty good food at home that is healthy and there are no repeating dinners in one fortnight!


Keep in mind before you get started

  • This is not a RULE plan. You don’t have to be pressurized to follow what you decided to make/eat on a particular day. If you don’t feel like a salad on Thursday night, it’s OK. You can alway pull out one of your ‘back-up’ meals (we’ll get to that) and re-heat it.
  • Try and do your grocery shopping on Monday or Tuesday nights (applicable only in Australia). It’s less crowded and there are heaps of things that go on special in order for the store to make space for the new Wednesday specials.
  • If you happen to and you SHOULD buy meat on special, make sure you check the date. If it expires the next day, make sure you cook it right away. Once cooked, you can refrigerate it or even freeze it for a salad later.


What I offer is different from the rest

Both my husband and I grew up eating Indian food that came from our mother’s kitchens. Both our mums are great cooks. While Mister’s mum makes exceptional Naadan (traditional) food, my mum is a pro at turning leftovers into amazing meals.

My husband is a hard-core rice + curry eater. If rice and curry isn’t served on the table for at least one meal, then he might have to go to church to confess about it.

I searched the world-wide web for meal plans that had both Indian and non-Indian meals, so I didn’t have to think each day as to what to cook. My search has led me to start one of my own. What you will find here are weekly meal plans that have both Indian and Continental recipes. So if you are an Indian living abroad, or just interested in Indian and non-Indian cost-effective meals… Welcome to my blog!

*Every Monday a meal plan for the week will be posted here. Watch this space