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Thomas Tank Engine cake

If you are a new mom you will make at least one train cake in your near future. My mum made one for my 10th birthday and I clearly remember how it looked. It had 10 carriages filled with different kinds of lollies. It was an awesome cake!

Don’t let this DIY scare you and don’t think to yourself ‘I’m no baker to make such a complicated cake’. Trust me, it’s not as hard as it looks. If you have the passion to bake, this is just a cakewalk (get it? ;P).

I followed this easy tutorial by Ann Reardon. She gives very clear instructions and has a template that you can buy. I loved her tutorial and enjoyed every second of this process. I think I’m a closet baker.


I made this cake for a very dear little 2-year-old. And this is how my version looked. Mind you, I did not have half the equipment. Not even a plastic rolling-pin! All you gotta do is improvise! Guess what I used instead? A long tube of bubble blowing thingy out of my toddler’s toy chest.


I make my own fondant ( I mastered the art of that after 2-3 failed attempts. So don’t give up because it IS POSSIBLE) from marshmallows and once you figure it out, it hardly takes 5 min. Very cost-effective!


If I could do it, so can you! Yes, you!