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Thomas Tank Engine cake

If you are a new mom you will make at least one train cake in your near future. My mum made one for my 10th birthday and I clearly remember how it looked. It had 10 carriages filled with different kinds of lollies. It was an awesome cake!

Don’t let this DIY scare you and don’t think to yourself ‘I’m no baker to make such a complicated cake’. Trust me, it’s not as hard as it looks. If you have the passion to bake, this is just a cakewalk (get it? ;P).

I followed this easy tutorial by Ann Reardon. She gives very clear instructions and has a template that you can buy. I loved her tutorial and enjoyed every second of this process. I think I’m a closet baker.


I made this cake for a very dear little 2-year-old. And this is how my version looked. Mind you, I did not have half the equipment. Not even a plastic rolling-pin! All you gotta do is improvise! Guess what I used instead? A long tube of bubble blowing thingy out of my toddler’s toy chest.


I make my own fondant ( I mastered the art of that after 2-3 failed attempts. So don’t give up because it IS POSSIBLE) from marshmallows and once you figure it out, it hardly takes 5 min. Very cost-effective!


If I could do it, so can you! Yes, you!

Monday Meal Plan – 3

MP3You can find all these yummy recipes here:

  • fishcurry








Love Forever


So as promised before, let me introduce to you, someone very special and close to my heart, someone who means the world to me, my little sister, Sneha. She is our Guest blogger for today’s post and below is something she did for her husband and I told her that it was an awesome idea and asked her to share it with you guys! She was hesitant, and worried about being judged as the ‘mushy’, ‘romantic honeymooners’, but after much convincing she agreed. Thanks Sne! I love you!


Having just been married (three months down) and immediately moving to Switzerland (my husband being a student here) was like a dream come true for me. With no family or friends and not even knowing the language, we were largely dependent on each other for entertainment.

Now, living in Switzerland or anywhere abroad on a student budget is not easy. And considering it is winter, we were limited to being indoors for most of the week.

A treasure hunt was an idea I came up with, on one of those days, I was bored out of my mind. My husband had so much fun solving it, as I had planning it.

It started off from home, with a few stops outside and the hunt ended with him finding the treasure (i.e. ME) back home.


My sister figured it could be a fun thing for couples to do on a budget on Valentine’s Day and wanted me to share it.

Now, I don’t have the patience or creativity like her so I pretty much kept it simple and easy.

To start off,

  1. I decided on a theme for the treasure hunt. I went with love is in the air. But you could do other fun treasure hunts based on sports theme or movies.
  2. Decide the location of your clues. I had most of the clues within the house.(My husband found the first clue on our main door, which set the mood for the entire evening.)
  3. Come up with really funny/cheesy riddles to lead him to his next clue.They can vary according to your theme. (If you can’t write them on your own, there are plenty of free ones online.)
  4. You can print or write these riddles down on some cool free printables available. And you are all set..!

clue1 clue2

You can find some free printables on these sites-


Click here to visit their site

Hello Free Cards02

Click here to go to the website


Click here to visit the site

4.Make sure you have a good reward planned for him at the end of it all.

love forever

Whichever way you decide to do it, you cannot go wrong.Its going to lead to a fun filled and romantic evening.

Happy Valentine’s day!

-Sneha Jacob Bysani