DIY: Sofa Slip Cover

before&aftersofaIt’s my dream to have a all-white living room. With a toddler in the house, I know I might have to wait another 18 years. Oh! and the things you would find on our couch, in between the grooves, smeared, squashed. So this was my solution to saving the little of what was left of that couch.

The cushions on this sofa do not come off. So I could not stitch a cover for each of the back rest cushions and sitting cushions and be done with it. That would have been easier. So the only way I saw this happening was to stitch a slip cover that just went over it but was snug enough that it did not move around.

Level: Easy (Basic sewing skills needed)


  • Sewing Machine
  • 3 Meters of Fabric (You will have remaining for another small project)
  • Measuring tape
  • Needles, Pins
  • Paper to cut pattern

Step 1: Measure sofa approximately and leave some extra seam allowance.




Step 2: If you are not confident enough (like me), cut out the pattern on some paper. Place the pieces on the sofa for trial.


Step 3: Be brave and cut the fabric to match your paper cut outs.

Step 4: Place the fabric right side out on the sofa and pin the edges. Do this piece by piece. I started from the arm rest. I joined the arm rest and sides together and so on.

sofa4 sofa5

Step 5: Run your stitch close to your pin. If you still lack confidence (like me, again), you can roughly hand sew before you actually do it on the machine.


Remove pins and place each section on the sofa as you go, just to see the fit. Make any alterations as needed. This will save you time instead of stitching it completely and then making alterations.

Step 6: Ta-da! You have your own sofa slip-cover! It is not as hard as it might seem. I do not have any great sewing skills but I found this fairly easy once I got started.


These are some other DIYs I did for my living room.

Do you have anything you have been meaning to make-over and have been putting it off because you think it’s too hard? Waiting to hear about your projects!


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